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Hi, my name is Jordan.

I am a dedicated Freelance Photographer with a focus on Fashion and Automotive Industries. My photographic journey began at the age of eleven, and after completing my college photographic studies in 2016 I entered into the world of fashion photography. Here I collaborated with various brands and gained valuable experience in image editing, e-commerce, and commercial work.

In 2020 I felt a magnetic pull towards the automotive industry, intrigued by the challenge and captivated by the beauty of vehicle design, I made the bold decision to shift my focus. Since then, I've had the incredible opportunity to photograph a diverse range of brands and vehicles in varying setups and locations. 

​As I continue to navigate the dynamic landscapes of fashion and automotive photography, my dedication remains steadfast. I believe in the power of passion coupled with skill to create timeless visual images.

With Love,

Jordan McKean

Portrait of Jordan McKean, a fashion and automotive photographer.
Jordan McKean.jpg
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